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UF-Z800 Smoke Generation Machine

UF-Z800 High Performance Smoke Generating Machine

The smoke generated by the UF-Z800 is non-toxic, clean, and odorless and does not leave any residue inside the heater. In addition, the internal spiral shape heater is made of high-tech stainless steel which provides the most effective heat energy transfer. The UF-Z800 has a highly efficient power control system that allows the fogger to operate at low-level temperatures saving up to 20% electricity.

UF-Z800 Product Information

Model Number: UF-Z800
Maximum Output: 3,000 CFM
Consumption Rate: 76 minutes per 0.8 liters at 100% output
Heat Up Time: 100 Seconds
Heater: 800 Watt
Tank Capacity: 0.8 Liter
Dimensions (L X W X H): 12.5" X 6" X 8.5"
Remote Cord Length: 30 feet
Dry Weight: 8 lbs.
List Price: $662.00
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UF-Z800 Smoke Machine Features

  • Built with durability, power, and safety in mind
  • Includes a remote which allows you to control output from a distance
  • Variable output controls with 24-hour continuous run time

  • Uses water based fluid that leaves no residue and is safe to breath.
  • Small size to fit tight locations
  • Optional wireless remote available
  • Efficient fluid consumption rate
  • Reliable high output
  • Overheat thermal protection

UF-Z800 Accessories and Fluid

Item Number Description List Price  
UF-Z10 Wired Remote for UF-Z1000 $ 132.00 Add To Cart
UF-Z50 Wireless Remote for UF-Z1000 $ 166.00 Add To Cart
HD-PRO1 High Density Fog Fluid, 1 Gallon $ 93.00 Add To Cart
HD-PRO2.5 High Density Fog Fluid, 2.5 Gallons $ 188.00 Add To Cart
HD-PRO5 High Density Fog Fluid, 5 Gallons (Ships in two 2.5 gallon containers) $ 243.00 Add To Cart
HD-PRO55 High Density Fog Fluid, 55 Gallons $ 2564.00 Add To Cart