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UF-Z1500 Smoke Machine

UF-Z1500 High Performance Smoke Generating Machine

The Z-1500 is for users who need a lot of fog along with a lot of control. This machine features the Z-20 remote with easy to read LED readout to allow the user to closely control the duration, interval, and volume of fog produced. The remote’s LED screen clearly displays these parameters in seconds.

UF-Z1500 Product Information

Model Number: UF-Z1500
Maximum Output: 20,000 CFM
Consumption Rate: 9 minutes per 1 liter at 100% output
Heat Up Time: 11 minutes
Heater: 1500 Watt
Tank Capacity: 6 Liter
Dimensions (L X W X H): 27.25" X 11.5" X 7.5"
Remote Cord Length: 30 feet
Dry Weight: 31 lbs.
List Price: $1,235.00
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UF-Z1500 Smoke Machine Features

  • Built with durability, power, and safety in mind
  • Includes a remote which allows you to control output from a distance
  • Variable output controls with 24-hour continuous run time

  • Uses water based fluid that leaves no residue and is safe to breath.
  • Small size to fit tight locations
  • Optional wireless remote available

  • Efficient fluid consumption rate
  • Reliable high output
  • Overheat thermal protection

UF-Z1500 Accessories and Fluid

Item Number Description List Price  
UF-Z20 Wired Remote for UF-Z1500 $ 221.00 Add To Cart
UF-Z30 Wireless Remote for UF-Z1500 $ 254.00 Add To Cart
HD-PRO1 High Density Fog Fluid, 1 Gallon $ 93.00 Add To Cart
HD-PRO2.5 High Density Fog Fluid, 2.5 Gallons $ 188.00 Add To Cart
HD-PRO5 High Density Fog Fluid, 5 Gallons (Ships in two 2.5 gallon containers) $ 243.00 Add To Cart
HD-PRO55 High Density Fog Fluid, 55 Gallons $ 2564.00 Add To Cart