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Unifire PS-16 Specifications

Specifications Supplied From Unifire , Inc.
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General Specifications
  • Power head dry weight must not exceed 13 lbs.
  • Power head dry weight with 16" bar and chain loop must not exceed 19 lbs.
  • Power head must run on a 50:1 fuel oil mixture.
  • Saw must be single cylinder, 2 cycles with loop scavenging.
  • Saw must include: power head, bar, chain loop, tool kit, manual, 1 bottle of two cycle oil, 1 bottle of Hytac oil and bar scabbard.
  • Saw must have 180-day warranty.
  • Saw must meet Department of Labor General Industry Safety Standards Commission Safety Standard Part
  • 74 Fire Fighting standard R408.17442 (1) OSHA, ANSI, UL, EN, EPA-2 Standards
Powerhead Specifications:
  • Saw power head must have 4.5 cubic inch (74 cc) displacement with a 2.05-inch (52 mm) molybdenum impregnated bore and 1.34 inch (34 mm) stroke.
  • Power head must develop 6.5 horsepower at 8500 RPM
  • Power head shall idle at 2500 RPM and must obtain a maximum unloaded speed of 13,500 RPM.
  • Centrifugal clutch must engage at 3500 RPM.
  • Electronic Ignition must have lifetime warranty.
  • Carburetor must be an all position diaphragm type with integral fuel pump.
  • Carburetor must be air injected for improved performance.
  • Covered foam air filter to protect it from debris and water.
  • Carburetor must be isolated from the cylinder by vibration dampening rubber boot and isolating wall to prevent vapor lock.
  • Muffler must be side ported USFS and ANSI approved with spark arrestor.
  • Carburetor must be isolated from the cylinder by a fiberglass spacer, rubber boot and isolating wall to prevent vapor lock.
  • Muffler will not exceed 107dB at maximum RPM.
  • A heavy-duty .060" stainless steel plate must protect muffler.
  • Crankshaft shall be balanced three (3) piece drop forged.
  • Crankshaft shall be supported by two (2) drop groove ball bearings.
  • Piston shall be made from a low friction alloy.
  • Rod shall have silver plated needle bearings.
  • Cylinder shall have asymmetrical cooling fins and shall be cooled by a high capacity fan.
  • Power head must be isolated from handle assembly by six (6) "springs" to cancel vibration.
  • Saw shall have full wrap handle fro operator protection and safety.
  • Saw shall have rear hand guard.
  • Saw shall have large Billet Aluminum D-Ring handle for easy starting with gloves.
  • Saw must have safety inertia activated .10 second chain break that conforms to all ANSI standards.
  • Saw must have positive position on/off switch for safety. (Momentary switch is not acceptable.)
  • Power head shall have large fill caps.
  • Fuel tank volume shall be .71 pints.
  • Oil tank capacity shall be .41 pints.
  • Oil pump must be adjustable from 3 to 12 cc per minute.
  • Oil pump must be automatic with manual control, 3, 6, 9, 12 cc per minute.
Bar Specifications:
  • Bar must be 1 piece precision ground with induction hardened and square polished rails.
  • Bar thickness shall be .160".
  • Slot must be milled .063 gauge.
  • Sprocket nose must be replaceable with single rivet fastening system.
  • Sprocket nose must have overlapping ear nose/body attachment.
  • Bar shall have specially designed .160" diameter oil holes to reduce plugging for fast cooler cutting.
  • Bar shall have wide tail contour.
  • Drive sprocket must be floating rim and drum, self cleaning and ported.
  • Drive sprocket must be 1.780 inches diameter.
  • Bar must be 16 inches long, with optional length bars available.
  • Bar must have 1 year wear warranty, excluding sprocket nose.
Chain Specifications:
  • Chain speed must be 121.6 Feet Per Second at 13,500 RPM.
  • Chain must be .404 pitch.
  • Chain drive link must be .063 gauge.
  • Chain must be C 11 carbide tipped.
  • Carbide must be Rockwell 92.3.
  • Carbide must have 537,000 lbs per square inch transverse rupture strength.
  • Carbide must have a 30 degree top plate angle.
  • Carbide must have a 15 degree hook angle.
  • Chain must have a .045 inch thick top plate.
  • Chain must have .060 inch thick side straps.
DG-16 Depth Gauge Specifications:
  • Must be fabricated from Stainless Steel.
  • Must be spring loaded safety design.
  • Must be retrofitable to any 16" bar/powerhead combination.
  • Must be easily removed and installed with 2 nuts.
  • Nuts must be same size as bar nuts to facilitate the use of the bar scrench tool for gauge removal.
  • Gauge must cover the entire chain path.
  • Front guard must slide over back guard.
  • Must have handle to provide additional lifting position.
  • Must have angled foot to help guide the bar into the surface and to keep bar from hitting the ground in the starting position.
  • Must have cutting depth of 5" on 16" bar.
  • Must have ruler in 1/4" increments.
  • Ruler must be printed on reflective material for night use.
  • Must be adjustable in maximum plunge depths at 1" increments.
  • Must have the ability to hold plunge depth at 1" increment from 2" - 5".
  • Must have the ability for minute adjustment from 0" - 5.5 "
  • Must be installed by drilling 2 holes in bar - slotting of bar not acceptable.
  • Titanium roller bar.
  • Stainless Steel Depth Gauge.
  • Grease Gun & Grease
  • Fuel Tank & Tool Storage
  • Saw Strap
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection

  • Additional Chain Loops
  • 12" - 30" Bars
  • Chain Breaker
  • Chain Spinner
  • Chain Grinder
  • Bulk Chain
  • Saw Case