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Rescue Saws

Unifire is the leader in rescue saws. Many rescue saws are modified specifically for the fire and rescue service. No matter what you are cutting, we have a high performance rescue saw, blade, or chain that will do the job.

Available Ventilation, Carbide Chain, Rescue, Circular, Metal Cutting, Concrete Cutting, and Diamond Chainsaws

Ventilation Chainsaws

Univent Saws are designed to prevent vapor locking in High heat situations and are air injected with a pure foam air cleaner that is impossible to plug - even in a heavy concentration of smoke. These saws develop over 6 HP and reach chain speeds of 121.6 ft. per second. This allows the chain to use a filing action rather than ripping and tearing. Perfect for the harsh environments of the fire service.

Don't forget about the added safety features. Such as our one-of-a-kind spring loaded depth gauge.

Cut-Off Circular Rescue Saws

These saws have been modified to work in the toughest environments, we have tested and just flat out abused these saws to make sure they would hold up under unusual conditions and they are still reliable. These are the best saw built in the world and we stand behind them fully!

T-Rex Metal Cutting Rescue Saws

Faster, safer, cleaner and more affordable than other metal cutting equipment. T-REX saws deliver unmatched results, cutting steel as easily as cutting plywood. A uniquely designed cover collects virtually all chips and sparks, while a special spindle lock allows for fast and easy blade changes. Create up to 2" depth of cut with the lightweight T-REX. Whatever your cutting demands may be, achieve them with the T-REX metal cutting saw.

High Quality power tool with amazing capabilities!

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Diamond Concrete Cutting Chainsaws

These saws have been developed to cut through concrete and reinforced concrete. They use a diamond chain and allow the user to surpass the cutting depth normally found while cutting through concrete with a circular saw. Perfect for a search and rescue team, you're able to cut through rubble without doing as many step cuts.

Cut-Off Rescue Saw Blades

Because we realize you may be working with different types of material, we carry a variety of blades to cut concrete, wood, shingles, metal, steel, standard building materials, and much more.

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