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Yard Butler
2 Wheeled Hose Reel Cart

2 Wheeled Hose Reel Cart from Yard Butler

*Hose cart

*Feature durable, all steel construction

*Anti rust finish

*Pneumatic wheels perfect for rugged condition...
Yard Butler
20' X 17' X 12' Compact Hose Reel

20 feet X 17 feet X 12 feet Compact Hose Reel from Yard Butler

*Hose reel

*Limited assembly required

*Holds up to 100' feet of hose

*Rugged construction

*Assembles in seconds
Yard Butler
24" Roto Planter

24 inch Roto Planter from Yard Butler

*Roto planter

*Yard Butler's garden augers fit any cordless drill 3/8" or larger

*Digging holes with the ease of a power ...
Yard Butler
37" Yard Butler Rotary Cultivator

37 inch Yard Butler Rotary Cultivator from Yard Butler

*Extended handle lets you adjust the reach up to 37"

*To preference, removable rotary blades allow you to change the spacing ...
Yard Butler
4 Wheeled Hose Truck

4 Wheeled Hose Truck from Yard Butler

*Hose truck

*Feature durable, all steel construction

*Anti rust finish

*Pneumatic wheels perfect for rugged conditio...
Yard Butler
Bulb & Garden Planter

Bulb & Garden Planter from Yard Butler

*Bulb and garden planter

*Easy twisting action makes a perfect hole for bulbs and bedding plants

*Long handle prevents be...
Yard Butler
Compost Aerator

Compost Aerator from Yard Butler

*Folding wings harpoon into the heart of the compost pile, opening when withdrawn

*Mixes compost without the use of a shovel...
Yard Butler
Core Aerator

Core Aerator from Yard Butler

*Core Aerator

*Two self-ejecting tips that remove cores 1/2" in diameter and 3-1/2" long

*Reduces soil compaction, water ...
Yard Butler
Garden Kneeler

Garden Kneeler from Yard Butler

*Convertible garden kneeler

*No more stooping, bending or sore knees

*Converts from a comfortable bench for sitting to a ...
Yard Butler
Garden Terra Weeder

Garden Terra Weeder from Yard Butler

*Garden weeder

*Comfortable cushion grip

*Extra durable, all steel construction

*Professional grade

*Remove every...
Yard Butler
Gopher & Mole Bait Applicator

Gopher & Mole Bait Applicator from Yard Butler

*Mole bait applicator

*Injects poison underground directly into tunnels

*Keeps poison away from children and pets

Yard Butler
Hose Bib Extender

Hose Bib Extender from Yard Butler

*Hose bib extender

*Moves hose bibs out from behind plants and shrubs and places faucet within easy reach

*31" x 2" x 5"...
Yard Butler
Mighty Reel?

Mighty Reel? from Yard Butler

*Hose reel

*Wall mounted

*Swivels to both parallel and perpendicular positions

*High capacity

*Low profile

Yard Butler
Ring Base Sprinkler Stand

Ring Base Sprinkler Stand from Yard Butler

*A 15" diameter base makes this the most stable, portable impulse sprinkler base on the market

*4" x 16" x 15"

*RB-13: 1/...
Yard Butler
Rocket Weeder

Rocket Weeder from Yard Butler

*The Rocket Weeder's rocking action is great for removing the toughest weeds, roots and all

*Features an ergonomic handle and...
Yard Butler
Spike Aerator

Spike Aerator from Yard Butler

*Spike Aerator

*Four 3" spikes loosen compacted soil and penetrate thatch

*Reduces soil compaction, water run-off and pud...
Yard Butler
Step Edger

Step Edger from Yard Butler


*Unique design centers weight over cutting blade for easy edging

*Foot pedal allows step edger to be oriented side...
Yard Butler
Terra Tiller

Terra Tiller from Yard Butler

*Three sturdy prongs make the Terra Tiller effective for deep tilling and cultivating

*The sharpened blade is great for easy ...
Yard Butler
Twist Tiller

Twist Tiller from Yard Butler

*Twist tiller

*The Twist Tiller's unique design tills the soil and removes weeds with a twisting action

*This durable too...
Yard Butler
Wall Mount Hose Hanger

Wall Mount Hose Hanger from Yard Butler

*Hose hanger

*Thick gauge steel and heavy duty bracing stand up to heavy usage without sagging

*Holds 100 feet of hose
Yard Butler
Wall Mount Swivel Reel?

Wall Mount Swivel Reel? from Yard Butler

*Hose reel

*Provides a tidy method for safely storing up to 100 feet of 5/8" hose

*Perfect for mounting on the side of ho...

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Cee Tee Co. Combination Slip
Cee Tee Co. Combination Slip from COOPER TOOLS

*Designed for gripping and turning round objects ...
More Info...
24 oz Fiberglass Brick Hammer
24 oz Fiberglass Brick Hammer from COOPER TOOLS

*Forged head brick hammer
*Polished face, chamb...
More Info...
Premium Hickory Autograf Rip
Premium Hickory Autograf Rip from COOPER TOOLS

*High-luster, full-polished head, pole, back and ...
More Info...
V28 4 Piece Combo Kit
V28 4 Piece Combo Kit from MILWAUKEE

*Revolutionary 28 volt lithium ion technology
More Info...
Heavy Duty Circular Saw
Heavy Duty Circular Saw from DEWALT POWER TOOLS

*High strength, lightweight aluminum alloy shoe ...
More Info...
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