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High Density Smoke Fluid, 1 Gallon

HD-PRO High Density Smoke Fluid

The perfect combination for our powerful smoke machines. With our high performance smoke fluid you will find that you get the thick, realistic smoke you desire but in a harmless and residue free form.

Smoke Fluid

HD-PRO1 High Density Fog Fluid, 1 Gallon $ 93.00 Add To Cart
HD-PRO2.5 High Density Fog Fluid, 2.5 Gallons $ 188.00 Add To Cart
HD-PRO5 High Density Fog Fluid, 5 Gallons (Ships in two 2.5 gallon containers) $ 243.00 Add To Cart
HD-PRO55 High Density Fog Fluid, 55 Gallons $ 2564.00 Add To Cart