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Electric Series Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Fans

Electric Series Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Fans

The electric series positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fans feature come standard in the DS series frame but are available in the DST series frame as well as the Du-All frame (pictured) that allows the fan to be tilted in 180°.

Electric Model Fans' Specifications

Model Number CFM Motor Dimensions Propeller Weight List Price  
E18SP*** 12,000 2 HP AC 115 Volt or 230 Volt, Amp. Rating 17.2 21" X 21" X 18" 18" / 2 Blade 85 lbs. $1,902.00 Add To Cart
E18P4*** 22,000 5 HP AC 230 Volt, Amp. Rating 19 23" X 23" X 19" 18" / 4 Blade 88 lbs. $2,012.00 Add To Cart
EB18SP* 12,000 1.25 HP AC 115 Volt, Variable Speed Control 21" X 21" X 19" 18" / 2 Blade 90 lbs. $2,729.00 Add To Cart
EX18SP** 12,000 2 HP AC 115 Volt 17.6 Amp. or 220 Volt 8.8 Amp, Explosion Proof 23" X 23" X 19" 18" / 2 Blade 110 lbs. $4,135.00 Add To Cart

* Variable Speed
** Explosion Proof Non-Variable, No Receptacle; Class 1 Group D Explosion Proof with On/Off Switch
*** Non-Variable Speed, Standard On/Off

  • All electric series PPV fans come standard with DS series frame.
  • Electric PPV fans available in DST or Du-All frame styles, additional costs apply.


Standard Electric Series Specifications

  • Built in one piece hub.
  • Unitron synthetic
  • Carbon reinforced
  • Impact resistant
  • 100% waterproof
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Upper Frame made with 3/4" 304-S Stainless Steel, .065 guage
  • Lower Frame made with 1" 304-S stainless steel, .065 gauge
  • Arc Angles
  • 50° - Front legs
  • 20° - Back legs
  • Chemical and rust resistant
  • Grade 5 or better hardware
  • Oil impregnated bushings on pivots
  • 5 year warranty
  • Arc design with integral suspension
  • Balanced & matched rubber feet
  • Complete shroud is Osha approved
  • 2 piece open shroud design
  • Vinyl Coated
  • 3/16" diameter outside wrap
  • 1/4" diameter inside supports
  • Easy to remove front shroud without special tools
Engine Protection:
  • 360° roll protection
  • Upper frame offers overhead engine protection
Obstacle Clearance:
  • Lower frame offers 6.75" clearance on sides
  • Lower frame offers 5" clearance on back
Drive Type:
  • Direct drive, approved by engine manufacturer
Hub Type:
  • 1 piece machined zinc plated steel
  • 1 shear key
  • 2 set screws
  • 5/16" crank bolt w/washer
  • Built into the Unitron blade as one piece.
Tilt Position:
  • 30 positions from -10° to +20°
  • Spring loaded friction lock with splined inner locking gear
  • Rotating handle for ease of use
  • Zinc plated friction lock tiltling lever
  • Adjustable friction between upper and lower frames
Seal Distance:
  • Seals a standard doorway from 4 - 8 feet
  • Propeller: Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Frame: 5 year warranty on frame
  • Patented water misting system
  • Hold down brackets
  • Waterproof Cover
  • DST frame with wheels and handle
  • DU-All frame, with Wheels and Handle and Tiltable to 360°

Electric Series Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Fan Features

  • 35" Extendable Handle
    • The ergonomically designed handle quickly extends to 35" and can be operated with one hand, making transportation easier
      **Available in DST and DU-ALL frames only.
  • Wheels and Brakes
    • 8" off road solid wheels with step-n-go quick lock brakes. Rubber feet also aid the elimination of movement due to vibration.
      **Available in DST and DU-ALL frames only.
  • Rubber Feet
    • Rubber feet aid the elimination of movement due to vibration.
      **Four rubber feet on DS frames and two on DST and DU-ALL frames.
  • Stand Alone Operation
    • Unifire positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fans and blowers are vibration free for standalone operation. They will not move on wet or slick surfaces. This is accomplished through balanced weight distribution and many other factures that help eliminate vibration.
  • Direct Drive
    • All Unifire positive pressure ventilation (PPV) blowers feature a direct drive design. By being direct drive we essentially gain 10% power transfer from the motor to the blade over belt driven models.
  • Stainless Steel Wrap Around Frame
    • Lightweight yet strong stainless steel frame provides 360° roll protection. The low arc design evenly distributs weight to all four legs and feet for vibration free operation.
  • Patented Friction-Lock Tilt Lever
    • The friction-lock tilt lever allows for fast and easy adjustment to any angle from -10° to +20°. This enables the operator to pinpoint airflow and create the prefect seal.
  • Shatter Proof Unitron Blade
    • 100% shatterproofhigh heat thermal plastic. Made of synthetic nylon, reinforced with carbon fibers. Impact and stress resistant with the best thermal expansion and contraction available.
  • Open Shroud Design
    • The open shroud design allows for 20% more air flow and allows for better channeling of air. There is also faster sealing and greater thrust through the air cone because the air is pulled fom the back, sides and tips of the unitron blade.
  • Compartment Sized
    • These are the most powerful compact positive pressure ventilator (PPV) fans and blowers available. Most of our models fit standard compartments and are lightweight for easy handling.

Parts and Accessories

Item Number Description List Price
K-H2O Watermist Kit (You Install) $441.00
F-H2O Watermist Kit (Factory Installed) $497.00
K-H2O-T Watermist Kit, T-Model Frames (You Install) $420.00
F-H2O-T Watermist Kit, T-Model Frames (Factory Installed) $441.00
H2O-R Watermist Ring $273.00
WPC Water Proof Fan Cover $177.00
WL Pneumatic Wheels (Black) $165.00
WHL-GRAY Gray Wheel Kit $144.00
HNDL T-Handle Assembly $187.00
UF20-15 20" X 15' Vinyl Polyester Ducting $607.00
UF20-25 20" X 25' Vinyl Polyester Ducting $783.00
UF22-15 22" X 15' Vinyl Polyester Ducting $607.00
UF22-25 22" X 25' Vinyl Polyester Ducting $783.00
FS20 20" Full Shroud $243.00
FS22 22" Full Shroud $254.00
FS26 26" Full Shroud $275.00
FS32 32" Full Shroud $277.00
U-18SP 18" Unitron 2-Blade Blade Prop $387.00
U-20SP 20" Unitron 2-Blade Blade Prop $387.00
U-22SP 22" Unitron 2-Blade Blade Prop $595.00
U-18P4 18" Unitron 4-Blade Blade Prop $551.00
U-20P4 20" Unitron 4-Blade Blade Prop $579.00
U-22P4 22" Unitron 4-Blade Blade Prop $5606.00
RETRO Retro Kit $34.00
EXH-2 Deluxe Exhaust Kit, 2" X 9' $221.00
EXH-3 Low Emissions/Clean Air Muffler Conversion $750.00
BSB Back Shroud Bolt $1.60
BSW Back Shroud Washer $0.55
CBN Crankshaft Bolt $3.15
CW Crankshaft Washer $0.55
EMB Engine Mount Bolt $2.65
EMN Engine Mount Nut $0.55
EMW Engine Mount Washer $0.55
Item Number Description List Price
FB Frame Bolt $1.60
FN Frame Nut $0.65
FW Frame Washer $0.55
F-UG Frame Upgrade $1,378.00
F-UG-DST Frame Upgrade DST Models $1,600.00
FLA Friction Lock Assembly $138.00
FLW Friction Lock Washer $1.60
FSW Friction Shroude Washer $0.55
K Knob (Black), For Tilt Adjustment $7.50
MG Muffler Guard $66.00
HAF5 Honda Air Filter $34.00
HD Honda Dipstick $12.00
GAS CAP Honda Gas Cap $7.00
LF Lower Frame $304.00
UF Upper Frame $1,020.00
UW Urethane Washer (Red) $1.50
MB Mounting Bracket $99.00
NS Nutsert $2.50
OIB Oil Impregnated Bushing $5.25
POP PIN Pop Pin for Adjustable Handle $12.15
PB Prop Bolt $2.50
PN Prop Nut $0.55
PT Protective Tape (For use with wood props) $7.50
RFS Rubber Feet Soft (For use with fans up to 6.5 HP) $13.75
RFH Rubber Feet Hard (For use with fans up to 8 HP and larger) $13.75
SS Set Screw $0.55
SK Shear Key $2.50
SWN Shroud Wing Nut $2.50